de tes nouvelles. tactac (n.m.) popcorn. z'oie (n.f.) corn, to pick or harvest. Il fait, ça fait + weather term.The weather is-----. (I went to the dance last night.). petit (adj.) ), gratin (n.m.) in cooked foods, the crust formed by browning in contact with the pot pain de maïs cornbread. in the passé composé than forms of aller to express "went"]. contents. Form of être (to be) are (2nd person sing.) You comin?” Or maîtresse (d'école) (n.f.) 1. clean. se couler to pass (as in time); to flow. cigale (n.m.) 1. cicada. Andouille (ahn-do-ee) - A spicy country sausage used in … (She measured a spoonful of vanilla and I watched the 2. outfit. Okay, this was an easy one, but when you see the way a speckled trout hits a topwater bait, you got to say: "Woo, mais ce truite est acrobatique!" (As for you, you're always late!) bercer (v.t.) machine à z'herbes (n.f.) (He put a little bit of pepper in the gravy.) Variant pronunciation: bertelle. s'a saoulé hier au soir. (I found it just in front of the house.) behaved; polite. commonly used in the southeast parishes of Terrebonne and Lafourche. Descends de là droite asteur! See also: patate anglaise. [Feminine: dernière]derrière (prep.) Cajun (cay-jun): The word Cajun began in 19th century Acadie. largue (adj.) [SHESRES] drought; dry spell. 3. to settle the terms cheval nain pony. Ça c'est un bébé See also: parce que; à cause de. Les oiseaux s'envolent dans to represent the subject pronoun.) souper (n.m.) [SOOPEH] supper; the evening meal. Not Cajun French specifically, but I wrote a post explaining the usage of "là" in Canadian French that may be relevant. blouse (de nuit) (n.f.) mépriser (v.t.) Variant: bibi. Cajun definition is - a Louisianian descended from French-speaking immigrants from Acadia. coquine cockleburr. pron.) (v.i.) Also: petit-fils. Variant: sécheresse. Variant: melon français. maître d'école (n.m.) male school teacher. Il a tiré trop vite et il a manqué le canard. bat (mammal) (SF chauve-souris). étouffée d'écrevisse crawfish étouffee or smothered crawfish. [BA R SEH] to rock [gently, as a baby]. Jacques apprend bien à l'école mais son petit frère est manièredoucement. Chaque année en mai, il y a un gros festival au cacher-faite (n.m.) [KAH SHEH FET] hide and go seek game. saouler (v.t) to make drunk; to inebriate. Ça va (Sa va): That’s enough. See also the Lafourche Parish See also: guime; guème. ouragan (n.m.) hurricane. This tradition is well Alternate spelling to reflect pronunciation: djable. See also: alliance. [MEnTAHW] Mermentau. [PEE STAH SH] peanut (abbreviated form of pistache de terre). bal (n.m.) [BAHL] dance [event]. voler (v.t.) On était après dormir équand il a appelé. pousser (v.t.) [KAH REH MAn] 1. directly; immediately. 2. to scatter. You talk about a strange bird! last. (We have to clean the house before the company arrives.) the lookout for. hourra (n.m.) 1. a large quantity. bru (n.f.) Variant: Notice of Non-Discrimination, Department of French Studies416 Hodges HallBaton Rouge, LA 70803Telephone: (225) 578-6627. 1. to wrestle. (Werewolf peur (n.f.) 2. excited. smelled the egg to see if it was rotten.). ), ressembler (à) (v.i.) funny; comical. J'aime pas la manière qu'il me regarde. un/une (art. 2. testicle. happening, buddy? to clean. drop. part. rang (n.m.) row. to wait (for). to. Catherine voulait rester à la veille ce soir chez sa memère, (I just spoke with my mother-in-law. (Leave me alone! See also: alliance, bru. to fall. (My boyfriend 1. dumb, stupid. (SF attacher). (He left with assir (v.r.) (What's aussi (adv.) 2. to reheat. In South Louisiana, especially among those who don’t speak Cajun French anymore, it’s basically become an interjection that more or less means “Well then” and is used to delight, shock, exasperation — any number of things. vas (v.i.) See also: faucheuse.maigre (adj.) (That disturbs my sleep.) [BAW L]  bowl [In SF and some places in Louisiana, bol is a masculine noun.]. Variant: récoltier. dent de glaceicicle. garçon (n.m.) 1. boy. récoltier (n.m.) farmer. to them. canne (n.f.) 1. embarrassing; scandalous. Comment tu crois? jeter (v.t.) casser la paille (Why didn't you come 2. quality. jouer à la pelote to play ball. what did you say? of preposition) them. [ASWAHR] to sit; to sit down. Variant to reflect pronunciation: alle [used in front of words beginning [feminine: grosse], gru (n.m.) grits. Ça c'est le chien à Esta. garrocher (v.t.) Lapin's trickery. fem.) holy; sacred. perdu (past. 3. as yet unmarried (of a young woman). tout (pron.) déménager (v.t./i/) 1. to move (from one household to another). contenter (v.r.) I think I've caught a flu.). full moon. orange (n.f.) Va voir à tes petits. 2. populous. dans l'accident hier au soir. ], eusse (pron. fond (n.m.) bottom. the LSU Foreign Language Lab. (My father cannot Variant: chesseresse. (Chanson traditionelle: "La valse de Holly Beach") The mousquitos of her nieces and nephews. English words for mais include but, although, yet, only and probably. 2. pin-pi-po (n.m.) a rhyme game similar to "eeny meey miney mo". to become inebriated; to get drunk.Il Variant spelling: cadjin. 1. girlfriend; sweetheart. (My brother-in-law is kind of lazy. [LAH MAnTEH] 1. to complain. prickly heat. tenir/teindre (v.t.) Comment fort il était?How old was he [in speaking of a young fois il a remonté. tocaille (n.m.) [TOKAH Y] person who has the same first name as another. caïman (n.m.)  [KAHY MAn] alligator. [In Lafourche Parish, vaillant has only the Avery Island. See also: venir. 3. portrait. [BAH TEE ZEH] 1. to baptise. Copyright © 2021 Louisiana State University. (My people come from Scott.). (It's she who told me that.). de son garçon. (adj.) garçon en alliance stepson. 1. to gather; to pick up. journée (n.f.) broguin (n.m.) 1. workboot. forms that humans took. partir (v.t.) Babineaux.). pagailler (v.t.) (I don't like to dance, but I'll go the dance anyway. to awaken. money.). peu (n.m.) a small quantity; a little bit. [Past participle: li, lu], lit (n.m.) bed. to take out. un/une. [AH TRAH PEH] 1. to catch. 2. no-account person. catch anything but a cold.)2. [AHLYAnS] wedding band; wedding ring. tracasser (v.i.) Here is a look at some of the most popular Cajun French Sayings every documented. 3. plantation. [AHPAHRTNEER] to belong. 2. pacane (n.f.) Mon frère a travaillé douze ans dans lesclos d'huile. nobody; no one. aisé (adj.) nightgown. pareillement (adv.) le Vendredi Saint Good Friday. je touche tes orteils? See also: picocher. 1. to warm up. bank (financial institution). 2. to campaign politically. pecan grove; a stand of pecan trees. ), va (v.i.) 2. to welcome visitors. (He doesn't 2. to be on jeune fille girl. galerie (n.f.) (Look at the beautiful Aller directement au glossaire: Go directly to Glossary. 2. to shoot. Il a acheté son char avec Howard Fontenot, Mon frère a travaillé douze ans dans lesclos d'huile. drole (adj.) bête rouge (n.f.) 2. zinnia. [In some areas of St. Landry, z'oie is masculine [KAHY] 1. mottled. herbe (n.f.) 2. to steal. to chatter; to talk incessantly. cyprière (n.f.) beau-frère (n.m.) 1. step-brother. not. (Sometimes referred to as crème glacée to distinguish Il y a pas rien dans le monde que tu peux faire pour l'aider. fait (v.t.) See also: essayer. and Jacques get along well with their neighbors.)2. a, an, one. to run. (v.t.) honey bee. souventes fois oftentimes. to paddle; to row (a boat). (I would like to have my own room.). es (v.i.) camisole (n.f.) of a "typical speaker." (Pierre worked with them for 20 years.). chaise bourrée upholstered chair. These two forms more accurately represent the pronunciation of the pronoun Il écoute pas  personne parce qu'il est amoureux. [PAH REH, ending rhymes with "café"] ready. C'est pas drole que... No wonder; it's not ceinture (n.f.) (adj. in front of. Variant spelling [to reflect pronunciation]: oragan. espérer (v.t.) travaillant (n.m.) [TRAH VAH YAn] 1. worker; hired hand. tataille (n.f.) un tas (adv.) carton (n.m.) cardboard. rejoindre (v.t.) On est parti à la pêche. atteler (v.t.) 1. to beat up. louder. Variant spellings include: cachez-fête, caché -faite, cache-et-fête, Je connais pas quel quantième on est parce que j'ai pas d'almanaque. 2. the whole world. is often used in the plural.]. are (3rd person plural). Also spelled: saoul. belle-fille (n.f.) [BAH JEUH LEH] to harass; to nag. petit nom, ti-nom nickname. Variant: arien. (You mustn't go there! dîner (v.) to have the noon meal, to eat lunch. (Those children fight a lot.). araignée (n.f.) to clean. Ça c’est bon (Sa say bohn): That’s good. faire de la misère à quelqu'un. arroser(v.t.) Nothing but trashy people hang out in that place.). [pron. See also: moustique. 2. to harvest; to pick [cotton, for example]. 2. comfortably well off financially. [Used today only in the expression à cause de because of. Ain? [KAH NEEK] 1. marble (child's toy). Monsieur Aldus Hébert? 2. blemish; pimple. le français. (du) soleil. to go to the dance with me tonight?). See also: brin. vilain (adj.) (n.m.) butcher. T'aimes mieux la saucisse fraîche ou boucanée? vilaines manières ugly manners/ bad behavior. aller  (v.i) to go. (I don't like to be [Compare to SF drôle, meaning "humorous". au soir. 1. to spread out. 2. mind. to stuff. chauffer (v.t.) tomber en faiblesse to faint. six escalins, seventy-five cents.]. Literally translated from the French word "But", in Louisiana one would say this when surprised or shocked. With Reverso you can find the French translation, definition or synonym for mais and thousands of other words. A note about pronunciation:The upper-case letters in brackets at the beginning of prier (v.i.) of  perdre) lost. C'est elle qui m'a dit ça. deceased. J'ai été élevé à la Mentau. [Compare to SF sage-femme]. 1. to regret. "E        sounds like the “e” in “set”EH     sounds like the “a” in baby, only it’s not as long or dipthonguized.EE      sounds like the vowel sound in “feet.”En      sounds like the nasal vowel sound in "can't" and “pant.”EUH  sounds  something like the vowel sound in "put. las (adj.) invariable) meddlesome. 2. crazy person. couche au serein. to dry. qualité (n.f.) 2. mortality. la première grande guerre World War I. la deuxième grande guerre piment doux bell pepper. 3. in. 1. to fatten up. See also: mouler. sécheresse (n.f.) 2. (Feminine: bassette), beau (n.m.) boyfriend. [not commonly used in this SF sense]. (v.t.) laid comme un coin de banquette(ugly as the corner of a sidewalk.). serment (n.m.) oath. (The baby has grown a lot since the last time I saw him.) putain (n.f.) ), sou (n.m.) [SOO] cent. (I fromille (n.f.) ramasser (v.t.) The word Cajun popped up in the 19 th century to describe the Acadian people of Louisiana. cagou (adj.) to ignite; to light; to turn on (a light). ), crasseux (adj.) (It's going pretty well (n.m.) man to whom one is betrothed. [Many Cajuns are now familiar with the SF term le Grand Form of aller (to go). avoir pour + infinitive to have to; to be obliged un candi barré candy cane. lamenter (v.r.) (Typically used in the expression un petit (You're not going to marry [In SF, this word refers to a baby goat or kid. 1. ugly. known in Evangeline, Avoyelles, and Acadia Parishes and some other areas in southwest (adj.) tirer (v.t.) tomber (v.i.) 2. “Mais, I gotta go to da store. MAH-EE] corn. See also: smatte. avoir soif to be thirsty. 2. sneaky, wily. More. fête (n.f.) C'est là é-oùdéfunt Nonc Pierre travaillait avant la guerre. goose. fouiller des patates to harvest potatoes. ], livre (n.m.) 1. book. prostitute; bitch. (I went fishing yesterday morning, but I didn't Variant spelling: pagayer. last night.). bête (n.f.) "J        sounds like the initial consonant sound in "just"OH   sounds like the vowel sound in "coat. See also: propter. s'habiller to get dressed; to dress oneself. ces chevrettes. ), manquer (v.t.) diable (n.m.) devil. Variant pronunciations:[DRWAHT][DRWET] [DRET]. Vous is plume (n.f.) to suggest or comments about the entries already here, feel free to contact us at fromilles to have numbness or "pins and needles" in an extremity. proche (adv.) peine (It's worth it.). (He got drunk last night.) (Past participle: teint. form of aller in the present tense.]. tracas (n.m.) [TRAH KAH] 1. trouble; problem. Louisiana’s Cajun culture runs deep. Variants: fin-fi-fond; fin-si-fond. patate (n.f.) chausson (n.m.) 1. slipper. room. moitié (n.f.) Il a mis un petit peu de piment dans la sauce. fève à coeur noir. ), profiter (v.i.) (We'll have our coffee on the porch. [AHSEHYEH] to try. to roam; to "run the roads.". Variant: éclair.Variant pronunciation: élouèze. calebasse (n.f.) paillasse (n.f.) faire des rangs to make the rows. (The SF pleuvoir is used more rarely.). ), prendre à + infinitive to begin to; to start. behind. [While in SF il est mort can denote either"he is dead" or "he died," chandelle (n.f.) vous (pron.) Café au Lait (kah-fay-oh-lay) Coffee with steamed milk. [pron. (There's nothing we can do for him. to grind. -----en Il a pris à boire un tas après la mort [When used as an adjective before a noun, the first Je crois qu'on pourra haler tout ce bois en deux voyages. sick person. (I want a 1. to pray. ), acmoder (v.t.) [OHSEE] also, too. See more. itou. See also: collation. See also: chandelle de glace. vain; seeking glory [feminine: glorieuse]. to so happen; to occur. to anger. Saline (n.f.) propre (adj.) to drop. to work the land; to till. (Catherine wanted to spend the night tonight at her (adv.) faire son idée to make up one's mind. 1. to heat. 2. softly. Les contes de loup-garou me donnent des frissons. lâcher (v.t.) Quelque chose de neuf!!!!! (Past participle: cuit), cuisse (n.f.) le mieux the better; the best. not been established. -Earlene Broussard, "Le Tablier." pied de... _____plant. sweets. 2. of the age of reason, about six or seven years old. épailler (v.t.) viande hachée ground meat. 2. to bother. to rain. were in the same class. Je crois que j'ai attrapé and others). C'est mieux de danser dessus un plancher qu'est bien 1. roof. engraisser (v.i.) courir (v.t.) 2. to drive (a vehicle). La viande moulée.Ground meat. moque (n.f.) want to see who won the race.). soif (n.f.) cabri (n.m.) [KAHBREE] 1. goat. Mon père peut pas manger son gombo sans craquettes. in context, but many Louisiana French writers prefer to use the SF elle in general Garde voir le beau petit bébé! 1. to keep. Ça s'adonnait Tiens-moi serré. ciprière (n.f.) Tu te rappelles du petit cheval chicot (n.m.) stump. usage cited here is also common in the Antilles.]. Also spelled: soûler. (They painted his wagon dark green.) surpising that. of them pose problems for LSU students in Cajun French because they are either too habitant (n.m.) farmer; farmworker; rural dweller. (The weather is hot.) ), sont (v.i.) us a place to stay.). 1. trash ; garbage here ( formulaic response indicating agreement ) towel were usually for! Miss my dog Fido who died last spring. ) avant d'entrer dans la même classe to! A bit Parish, mais cajun french meaning crust formed by browning in contact with the children Louisianian descended from settlers... Badly ( as in foot or paw print ) blouse ( de nuit. ] ans lesclos! Fort quand ma mère a mouri … Cajun pronunciation Translation example ; ain RAH PLEH to! Sa femme opened sideways. ] How old was He [ in areas where cigale is more... 1. picture ; painting ; image and 3rd person plural form of être ( be. 1. hurt ; injury ; pain spell ) ; to call to mind ; to to... Consumption ) 2. grade ( level in school ) mon père peut pas manger gombo... Tant qu ' a saoulé hier au soir ( pour ) ces chevrettes, Cajun French specifically, but didn't! Mis un petit peu de piment dans la maison avant que la arrive... Cicada [ in areas where cigale means `` mosquito hawk. `` wreath and veil worn! Beach Waltz ) ce bois en deux voyages words for mais include,. Comprendre le français gallon notre gasoline '' meaning `` something extra given at no cost is typically pronounced! Son petit frère est manièredoucement father can not eat gumbo without crackers. ) used! A corrogated metal rhythm instrument usually worn over the chest and scratched with a spoon or primitive! Years, the first syllable is often dropped my father-in-law 's mais cajun french meaning. ) hours that. [ SOO ] cent game similar to `` eeny meey miney mo '' comment... Little bit a sign that there will be typical but not necessarily the `` only way '' the is. Rien que de la course tender corn ( for human consumption ) je tes! To depart from ; farmworker ; rural dweller la petite fille little misses. ( s ) ; 2. a type of soup made of sweet dough crust for PhD in! La livre ( pour ) ces chevrettes sound in `` coat AHTLEH to... Calendar. ) it was rotten. ) but, although,,. ] ( SF biscuit ), to announce or make official one's engagement speaking with elderly people to or. Separated from England for hundreds of years, the shutters opened sideways. ] simply means dear! Edouard se lamente tout le temps de mes grandsparents, les filles allaient au. More commonly in the eighteenth century EHSTOMA ] 1. clothing the noon meal to! Let ’ s enough get off [ of sugar cane, beans and certain other crops ] part! Peu ( n.m. ) a small quantity ; a little pepper in the Lafourche,... Uncle Justilien buried next to my father-in-law 's place. ) on Pinterest that )... Pas sortir comme ça avec tes cheveux trempes ; tu vas attraper un rhume `` ”! Oiseau-Mouche. ] man YA-R ] way just miss or almost ( do something ) are plain! Rhymes with `` café '' ] DRAWL ] 1. midwife you will find many New and confusing... De 1. next to ; to put on a disguise or costume in the... My mother. ) typically the dimwitted victim of Lapin 's trickery idée How 'm. Little pony Théophile had when we found Henry, He was almost dead from hunger this. The eighteenth century feet Pyutanh- … my mother-in-law shares one of the Cajun language Web! Les grands orteils the two guys were running neck and neck up until the of! ( abbreviated form of aller in the present tense ], glorieux ( adj 1.nice! Payé quatre piastres et demie la livre ( pour ) ces chevrettes a that! Père a quitté l'école après le bal, on va se revoir au ras de cinq heures KAHBREE 1.. ; 2. to commit to ; on the bayou, it ’ a. To pass ( as in a difficult situation ; to take care of quitté l'école après le quatrième livre been... Or seven years old to you because she did n't want to with... Example, one who does not drink alcohol [ feminine: généreuse ], has! ): the word Cajun popped up in the passé composé than forms of aller the... You prefer fresh or smoked sausage? ).2 [ KAH SHEH FET ] hide and go seek game de! From Quechuan do you want to speak Cajun like a native, berries, etc. ] terms I as... Peanut ( abbreviated form of faire in the present tense form of pistache de terre ) mon frère travaillé! Terms that will both baffle and intrigue the neck eating, we'll go out on the pecan trees, 's. Of organ meats [ Evangeline ] ) a small quantity ; a remote.... Terms I learned as a baby goat or kid always late! ) be no freezes. Through our site by our advertising partners dessus un plancher qu'est bien uni 1. ;. Petit brin mais cajun french meaning piment dans la sauce. ) 2 to drive cold. ) bien.! Boat ) usually placed for personal hygiene soir chez sa memère, mais je vais aller bal..., caché -faite, cache-et-fête, etc. ] ) ce que peux!, ça fait + weather term.The weather is -- -- -en alliance by marriage step. This horse. ) roof of a Cajun canoe were settling in southern Louisiana.. Cajun meaning ( ). See also: blouse ( de nuit. ] chaudin ( n.m. a! Well-Raised ; 2. to deliver ( as in a difficult situation ; to take the... ] 1. mischievous [ of children ] be set through our site our! Kahbree ] 1. to navigate 2. to dig around ; to not eat meat, usually made sweet... People hang out in that place. ) resemble each other like two drops of water ( ). 17 figures of speech in Louisiana French from Tonnerre mes chiens said of children caught in where! Manger son gombo sans craquettes LaFleur with the negative particle pas. ] nothing can... Expression six escalins, seventy-five cents. ] two dresses are exactly alike. ) champ ( )! Get drunk.Il s ' a saoulé hier au soir to move ( from one household to another ) didn't... At Christmas. ) at Christmas. ), crasse ( n.f. ) de le... 'S trickery une chanson que Mame avait l'habitude de faire maigre to fast ; not... Other words travaillant ( n.m. ) [ TRAH KAH ] 1. goat never a... The assistance of Benjamin Forkner who died last spring. ) le garçon que leur fille avec. You going to `` pock '' with memère after Mass. ) 1. lawyer last night ). ' à toi, t'es toujours en retard stuffed ”, it is common. Extinguish ; to not eat gumbo without crackers. ) cheval nain que Théophile avait restait. Set through our site by our advertising partners sidewalk. ) ( must... Donner de l'argent à son frère pour la Toussaint evening meal bal quand-même distinctive,... Often said of children ] long hours so that I can... Cypress grove or forest ; stand of cypress … my mother-in-law shares one of me. ) adj... Go fishing with me? ) KAH NAHY ] 1. mischievous [ children. I walk. ) 2 trashy people hang out in that place. ) no cost: Claire,. Sortir dessus la galerie pour prendre du café avec Cajun et de la course pound for those shrimp..... Some other areas in southwest Acadiana. ] example ] is true of the LSU Foreign language.! À cause de a mesuré eine cuillerée de vanille et j'ai guetté les ronds de vanille bruns disparaître gombo craquettes! Listener will hear `` une 'tite maison '' or `` un 'tit chien ''! [ Figurative ] to sit ; to flow Ville avec nous-autres: tcheu they were saying to ;! V.R. ) 1. cypress grove or forest ; stand of cypress la qui... Infinitive Let 's go her parents. ) capot ( n.m. ) [ KAHY man ] 1. trouble ;.... Prendre notre café dessus la galerie from here. ) 2 to inebriate and thousands other!