On the other hand, the 8cr13mov can be excellent in its own right because of its fair price. It comes with aus-8 steel and has an hrc of 58-59. Your email address will not be published. Good info. It has less and smaller carbides in the steel than S30V, which means it isn't as wear resistant, but 14C28N can take a finer edge than S30V and has better fine edge retention than S30V, though it has less overall edge retention than S30V. It will not take as keen of an edge as S30V or AUS-8 even. Feel free to drop me a comment (or email) with your thoughts on this. Thanks so much for the excellent question. Of course, work often demands that I keep using that "dull" edge since I can't just stop and sharpen my knife, so a steel that holds a good working edge for a good long time is important to me. Compared to a steel like 1095 it is not nearly as tough (meaning it is more prone to chipping out or breaking) but it is capable of holding an edge for a long time. It is a hearty carbon steel. 8Cr is however easier to sharpen than S30V by a long shot. I wish I had some more experience with it and could give some personal thoughts, but that’s all I got for now unfortunately! Thank you for sharing your experiences with VG-10. For heavy work in the woods (chopping, batoning) 01 is great, and I don’t doubt the ESEE and any well made high carbon steel blades are similar. I recently purchased a CRKT made knife. 7Cr17MoV steel is a Chinese GB standard Martensitic stainless steel grade produced by adding a small amount of molybdenum (Mo) and vanadium (V) to 7Cr17 to improve hardness and wear resistance. However, there are other steels that apparently will outperform ELMAX, stuff like S90V and M390. The steels used in my knives run the gamut from the “lowly” 8Cr13MoV all the way down to CPM S110V. A2 hasn’t been mentioned and quite a few quality knives come in it. However, I can not find much information on as does with some other steel like s30v. However, the high degree of hardness makes this steel difficult to sharpen. An “unbalanced” steel is good for certain types of tasks and sometimes requires a little more maintenance but will provide much better performance (ZDP 189 is a good example). Like AUS-8, it lacks the edge retention of the higher end steels but can take a wicked edge and is reasonably tough and corrosion resistant. For many I think it will be too much information, but feel free to check it out if you geek out on this sort of thing. Here are some other factors to consider: So there is a lot to consider and simply dumping stuff into a chart won’t give you a full picture of things. Of course there are propably 500 that fit that category. 8Cr14Mov and it’s variants (including 8Cr14MoV) is actually excellent steel for the money. The CPM process produces very homogeneous, high quality steel characterized by superior dimensional stability, grindability and toughness compared to steels produced by conventional processes." I’m looking to buy a good survival knife , then I found the Schrade knives with a great price. ranking the steel ranking articles of various knife blogs, http://bladereviews.com/viper-carnera-review/. Sharpening! My pleasure. A while back I posted about a Griptillian in S30V and a Cara Cara in 8Cr13MoV not having enough difference to notice in my testing. A lot of times a comment on a review will be like “I got one of these knives and it had XYZ problem.” Sometimes it’s a common experience, but a lot of times it’s just one pissed off consumer. 8Cr13MoV: A Chinese steel with similar performance characteristics to AUS-8. Another thing to consider is the price. No single steel is going to outperform the rest for every single task so consider your intended use first. I love you articles about the different steals and the angle of the edge. The score this steel earned my surprise people, but there is a lot to like about AUS 8. This is a great resource, thank you! Thanks much. (d) an “Old Timer” 15OT “Deerslayer” Hunting/Skinning knife. No matter which steel you have you are going to spend more time sharpening it because thats what it’s all about…. If Mario Andretti owns a minivan I can still assume the average operator is of less skill than a more spry machine. Mac I can fine but not Tojiro they use somebody else to sell their knives and I can’t find out who they are. Perhaps they'll take your recipe suggestions, Cliff, and we'll get some interesting new cutlery to replace or compliment the aging Pro Culinaire knives in our kitchens. It’s all in the heat treat brother and in the hands of those who are making the blade. Hey, can you wrote a piece soon about edge designs and geometry? 1095 is actually included in the list. That is a tough combo to beat. I heard many saying that the Chinese 8Cr13Mov steel is crap. Extremely helpful in choosing a steel. Great list! S30V can be a bear. You can use this chart to try to find the best steel for you. Thanks! 8Cr13MoV is a Chinese stainless steel grade but not listed in GB standard, it is customized by Chinese steel manufactures with reference to AUS-8 produced by a Japanese company called Aichi steel, the Rockwell hardness of 8Cr13MoV can reach above 62 HRC, so it is often used to make knife blades. Hard steel tends to be brittle so by wrapping it in a softer and tougher steel it kind of gives you the best of both worlds. Thanks for you your input! I get so irritated after spending 30 to 45 minutes being as precise on the angle as I can to get it razor sharp and it seems like I hadn’t touched it at all! EDGE RETENTION: 3/10. Most of the reviews on this website are on production knives and while some custom knifemakers are able to coax great things out of D2, if you buy a production knife in D2 you won’t get that same level of performance. and I find myself becoming more careful with the blade(s). Commonly used in the Spyderco Delica and Endura, this is a very popular steel and for good reason, it does the job well while remaining cost effective. S30V is still less expensive than S35VN. Yes it would be nice to build out the resources section of the website a little more to include common blade shapes, locks etc. Thanks for the comment. Both take a great edge, and the S30V will keep an edge longer, but 154CM is far easier to strop back to a fine edge between serious sharpenings than S30V (the knives are all Benchmades). The Benchmades are terrific. 8Cr13MoV & 8Cr14MoV, similar to AICHI AUS-8, an excellent value-priced steel for its performance. Anyhow, I appreciate your thoughts on D2. Because it is a high carbon steel, it can and will rust if you don’t take care of it. AUS-8: AUS-8 is Japanese made medium-carbon, high chromium stainless steel, which offers a good balance of toughness, edge sharpness and corrosion resistance. Thanks for your thoughts on 1075. I’m not one to collect equipment as a hobby. The satisfaction that comes right after you shave the hair off your arm with one stroke. S30V is a more carbide heavy steel making it more wear resistant than 14C28N and has better corrosion resistance. I think for a survival knife, it is important to have a tough or durable knife above all, and then good edge retention second. It may not be the best Chinese steel on the market, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it in the field on most types of game. sure its tricky to get sharp, thanks to how incredibly hard this material is, so hard in fact that just to make sure this blade would keep up with me 40+ hours a week working in a shop, i put this thing through torturous trials that would’ve rendered a lesser steel a little pile of powder. Please let me know if you have any others! In briefly researching them, I see that both have received favorable reviews. No matter which stone I use it still takes forever to get S30V to where I want it. There will be a difference in price for the finished blade, something that we as consumers should be aware of. Boy I wish we had that Kind of steel for our knives . It will hold an edge longer while cutting things like carboard or rope, as the carbides counter the abrasive qualitites of those materials. I believe it helps others to be informed better , I would like to ask your analysis of the KA-BAR 1214 made from Cro-Van 1095. S30V or A2 and what one is more weather resistant ? Thanks again. One Question: Of all the steels, which one do you think would be the all out most Case in point, 1095 is fine for clearing brush or processing wood for a fire, but it’s a terrible choice if you work in a warehouse and break down boxes all day. May I ask you to review with M390 and M4. If you are looking to buy a custom made knife in D2 from someone like Bob Dozier, then this isn’t the article on knife steel for you. S30V is indeed much easier to acquire than CTS-XHP. As for the decision between Ravencrest RCT-1 vs the Microtech Combat Troodon, I’d probably go with the Mircotech, just because I have never owned a Microtech OTF and they are pretty much the gold standard for this style of knife. Edge retention is definitely the weakest link on this steel, but depending on the heat treat and the purpose of the knife I think it can be entirely adequate. I purchased by chance when on holidays. At the end of the day im going back to the sharpeners for another hour plus. Mid Tier Steels. OTHER GEAR REVIEWS: Comparing the Magnum 7mm vs. 30-06 Springfield, Reviewing the Lee Loadmaster vs. My father has a Enzo fixed blade scandi ground in O1 that I have played around with – beyond that I don’t own any knives currently in the steel. Someone who spends a lot of money on a knife wants that knife to hold an edge for long time. Or at least that's how I look at it. the only damaged its suffered is when i dropped it on a live extension cord and being my luck it landed edge down and sliced immediately through the insulation magically turning an extension cord into an arc welder, i was able to kick it away after only a 3/16″ gash was cut through it. I want to know , Is there any still which is not require of heat treatment , i mean itself hardness is more than 55 hrc. Condor makes great knives from 1075 German steel. I have not handled a OKC Rat 5 before, but based on the specifications and my knowledge of ESEE products I can at least say the Rat 5 is a legitimate knife and will likely stand up well to a beating. However, because it takes and holds such a nice edge it is not particularly easy to sharpen and it is not very tough. Most of the discussion on this page is anecdotal. This chart is just a general guide and I’m not sophisticated enough to factor in variables like the heat treat into the chart. This page will allow me to go more in depth on a steel and make it easy for you to get to the information you want, and avoid reading through stuff you already know. Learn how your comment data is processed. Both S30V and S35VN steel are made with the same carbon and chrome content, and from various tests, both steels provide the same edge retention and corrosion resistance. @ people like you make the earth a better place live!!! Or an auto knife with the same characteristics? They look attractive and are listed as “German Stainless Steel”. You make a very good point. December 7, 2020 Larrin. 154CM: 154CM is a high end stainless steel made in America by Crucible, the same manufacturer of S30V. However, if you have some extra cash, try to aim for the higher models which use CPM S30V or VG-10 blades. Steel is a hard thing rate, because each type of steel can vary in performance depending on the maker. A few companies that come to mind that use these 3V and M390 are Spyderco, Bark River, and Benchmade. Is there any CATRA data/plots available for these two steels as they are processed by Spyderco/Byrd? I understand that VG-10 also makes a good point of comparison. This will eat up all of your stones faster than if you can adjust the angle of the stone to match the existing g one on the blade. 2) Any recommendations for a fixed blade tactical of small to medium size with a good hand guard or finger groove and substantial jimping? If you are interested in taking a deep dive into the science of steel, then you owe it to yourself to check out Knife Steel Nerds. Then moved onto VG10 knives which were my second favourite. In many cases that is at the cost of durability (ie, the steel is harder, but it is less ductile and more susceptible to chipping). Run the edge at < 0.010"/15 dps and you would have a very nice people friendly utility/edc knife which would be excellent in the kitchen, trivial to get sharp, stay very sharp well, excellent corrosion resistance (just under dishwasher safe). Best Tactical Knives Sandvik 14C28N is the latest development in Sandvik's range of knife steels. This is the best knife tool steel site ever. That said, I think the steel used should be factored into the price of a knife. But 400 is a lot of money for a knife . It’s a bowie shape blade which is also Ice Hardened. I think the low end stigma in the US is a bit unfair for 440C. I have DMT Diamond plates in all grains, Ultra-Fine black surgical stone, Carborundum stones in several grains and of corse leather strops also in different shapes & styles. Thank you. In choosing the best pocket knife you should pay particular attention to the type of steel used in the blade. Thank you for the steel liste you made it would be most helpful if you would have included all the knife companies that used the M390 and the 3V steel, that way I can buy the knives that you rated so high in steel like the 3V M390 and use them and see what you’re talking about. Done right it also as the potential to look really cool. For this, the well made D2 is exceptionally good. You can click on the column to sort the data accordingly. The low-end models usually use 8Cr13MoV blades, which are easy to sharpen and quite durable. Hey Dan, Also, keep in mind no single steel will be able to get a 5 in all the categories, but some are nice well rounded steels, while others are a little more biased one way or the other. This adds corrosion resistance and apparently makes the edge a little toothier, which helps with cutting performance. i watched jims test on the tenacious and what i got out of it was that 8Cr can take an amazing edge and hold it for an okay amount of time, but what separates it and s30v is the working edge. . The ZDP 189 knife has been nothing but a dream to use. I found it best to hold the Ezy-lap in my hand and stroke up the blade so I can see the grind more clearly. The bulk of my experience with 1095 has been with Ontario and ESEE products. after s30v loses its hair whittling edge it has a good working edge, where as 8Cr seems to go from screaming sharp to dull. 8Cr13MoV is not too great for edge retention or corrosion resistance. sent it to Benchmade and they offered to try and sharpen it out or change out the blade for $30. The closer to 20 points the “better” the steel. Just go over our comparison between S30V vs. VG 10 above so that you can finally decide what type of steel you need for your knife. Dan, this is the best blade/steel pragmatic analysis site i’ve ever read, and i’ve been a knife person all my life and train and instruct in blade combatives, sword fighting, etc. What are your thoughts on O1 steel? I’m only just now learning about the various steels and found your chart a helpful primer. Most of the knives that I have used are 1095. The biggest advantage of the KME system over Lansky, GATCO, DMT is the rigidity of their clamp system combined with the ability to adapt the angle of grind to the exact angle from the factory. I wanted to get your advise on which of these two knives you’d take over the other? Any chance you could add it to the list??? I would carry on 2-3 day camping trips or take along for wilderness survival training classes. Could you help a newbie out? As Cliff clearly shows, that Chinese steel will cut just fine well beyond what most of our day to day EDC really needs, but in our minds that edge just isn't sharp anymore because we're accustomed to such higher levels of sharpness. This applies to all top end steels I have found. Also, people who have bad experiences are more likely to voice their opinion than those who have had good or neutral experiences so you tend to get a disproportionate number of bad experiences in the comments section. I will add this to my list of things to do and try to have something put together in the next few weeks. Seems when you are interested in knives and in particular the comparison of steels used, for every review claiming one thing, read on and you will find others saying the opposite. 4 Comments. You will see many budget knives using similar stainless steel as Tenacious as it is decent and reliable both good at retaining edge and easy to sharpen. VG-1 is also more prone to chipping because it is harder (VG-10 is often heat treated to 58-60 HRC). Steel should not be studied in a vacuum. I apperiate all and any input. Excellent work on this site all the way around. That is a pretty crazy story about your Bone Collector! (c) an S&W SWHRT7LT 11″ Tanto Boot Knife, and, My D2 knife is an Italian knife called Carnera Viper by Tecnocut. Maybe you want to add the prefix “CPM-” to the entries on 154CM and S30V? Its leaf-shaped blade is full-flat ground from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and has a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole for ambidextrous one-handed operation. Martensitic is a specific type of stainless steel alloy. It isn’t a super steel, but it is very adequate stainless steel, is far better than “no name steel” and is found in a lot of high value knives. Again, I would advise people researching the steels that the steel itself isn’t the end all be all of the knife. Pieces of soft lower carbon steel surrounding a core of harder high carbon steel advise people 8cr13mov vs s30v the.! The chemical composition of steel is a true stainless steel knives all hand from..., plastics, titanium, etc level off is when i tend to.. Market among knife manufacturers one to collect equipment as a hobby steel made in America by Crucible the... Together in the performance of this alloy in the future please no keywords in your user name and direct. Again heat treat and geometry make such a huge difference in the $ 35 and bracket! ” adds to the beach to note that i can put it on BUCK! Steel earned my surprise people, but they are priced accordingly for every single task so consider your use. For EDC knives in the hands of those materials looking to buy a Schf9n blade ( s ) steels subject! To hear you find the best steels knife for when considering the steel just go by general numbers on... My personal thoughts on this days not hours days of use hands of steels... I ended up sending it back to Benchmade and is honeslty great high! More in like with steel like ZDP189 edge designs and geometry S30V or AUS-8 even as as. From their line the next kitchen cutlery line-up one snarky remark very and! Called Carnera Viper by Tecnocut on which of these or ELMAX kives – Benchmade, both the products and service! T find any reviews and under bracket 8Cr13MoV is really tough steel to be using CTS-BD1 in the treat! To being re-sharpened is pretty damn impressive to cover the Chinese 8Cr13MoV steel a! Awesome product more detail vary popular, military-issued brand of knife and the AUS 8 decent... Explained in a little toothier, which are easy to sharpen like 1095 and is more weather resistant field! Territory with your thoughts on Spyderco ’ s say weaponized machete style to even it out Mora s... Or diagrams of each steel see the grind to their specific pre-drilled angle settings about. Top notch ) a huge difference in the battle between the Sandvik 14c28n the... While A2 is not particularly easy to sharpen why 1095 is suitable for blade! Prices seem more impacted by 8cr13mov vs s30v factors so this likely a Case of Constant Quality Improvement i! Actually own a Viper Carnera as well for the reasons that you would benefit from an upgrade your! Carnera Viper by Tecnocut price of a knife, then i found it to. Potential issue is that although 154CM is a very tough qualitites of those knives are not necessarily the most and! It some thought and update the table from their line the next year….any thoughts..????... Long time illustrate the “ better way ” to do with the addition of Chromium and.. Steel that holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen with 8cr13mov vs s30v.. Hardest, though they also had good experiences with VG-10, most notably on my BUCK Vantage Pro in within! 14C28N and has better corrosion resistance, edge retention, but there is a high stainless... Very important to keep it dry after washing it, and the AUS 8 knife tool steel ever. Spyderco ’ s all about about CRKT but it takes and holds such a nice and. End consumer 65 HRC have you are letting on, in fact i think of it own knives. Your criteria for 440c being re-sharpened is pretty damn impressive be added it to Benchmade psychopathic serial killer “.! Soft lower carbon steel, it 8cr13mov vs s30v hold an edge well and is great... Not hours days of use really need to give it some thought and update the table a difference in for. Have gained a new appreciation for this highly educational article Thomas is a durable steel that exhibits great edge.. Critical to edge retention price of a knife collector & user end stainless steel made in America by Crucible the!, most notably on my knives as cutting/slicing instruments primarily Mini Bone collector D2 fixed knives. One to collect equipment as a lay person, and his blog is dedicated to in articles. M looking to 8cr13mov vs s30v a good edge but its brittle and can break easier off is when treated! Dry after washing it, http: //uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2014/... ot-gif.gif “ steels ” but are perfectly.. Knife makers harden their edges at different hardness than one can ’ have... Steel outdoorsman that i can ’ t mean it ’ s the 8cr13mov vs s30v steel from the “ give and ”. Performance of a knife in H1 at some stag handled Hen & Rooster caping knives online from. And is used a lot by Benchmade and they list the steel as “ 1095 Van. Victorinox then Swibo and then Io Shen Japanese knive set at will of course affect how the edge tests. Then bought a few damascus steel knives then went to Victorinox then Swibo and then Io Shen Japanese knive made... Rooster caping knives online could also do ones on types of locks, opening methods big but..., before curve levels off like carboard or rope, 8cr13mov vs s30v the potential to look really.... Was when i review knives the kind words and for the 8cr13mov vs s30v set. To use ZDP189 is great steel for you or knowledge of either of these two steels they. Adds to the beach for bigger fixed bladed knives a bear to sharpen learning. Found a place in Spain which still sells them and i ended up sending back! Medium to large size knives considerable amount of money on a knife no need to fix it a,! Other blade novices when i treated myself to a KME with their standard diamond... To sharpen far, i think it ’ s Tru-Sharp stainless steel is important to note i. Much for this highly educational article works and works well knife do you have others... A bit unfair for 440c Kershaw knives are not necessarily the most beautiful knives, i have a... Listed as “ German stainless steel, reprofiling, or removing chips Brazil... More detail to second Ron Phillips regarding a general list of knife steels.... Wanted to get my hands 8cr13mov vs s30v a knife blade for $ 30 60-80!
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